Enable modern experience for SharePoint Online events lists


As you might know, Microsoft released the possibility to create a calendar modern view for your lists. This brand new feature is not limited to events lists and can be used in any library or list in your SharePoint Online sites. In this article, I’ll show you how to enable the modern view for events lists. Here we go!

The calendar modern view for an events list.

List experience settings

To enable the modern experience in your list or library, go to your Site Contents then click on Show actions panel of your list to open the Settings page.

Events list settings page.

Then click on Advanced settings and go at the bottom of the page to display the List experience section. Check New experience option then click OK button to validate your settings.

You can force the New or Classic view in the List experience section.

Create the calendar modern view

To create the calendar modern view, go to your events list then in the ribbon click on the Calendar tab. In the Current View section, switch to All Events to display the modern experience for the list.

Switch to All Events view to display the modern experience for the list.

Finally, we need to create a new calendar modern view as below:

The calendar modern view creation window.

Set this new view as default for the list and now you’ll be able to display it in a modern experience when users access it.

Now you can add your events in the empty list.

I hope this article will helps you! 🙂


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