Power Automate performance profiles


Recently, Microsoft introduced performance profiles for Power Automate flows. Depending on flow’s owner plan, execution will be assigned to a profile as below:

Performance profilePlans
Low– Free
– Microsoft 365 plans
– Power Apps Plan 1, Per App plans
– Power Automate Plan 1
– All license trials
MediumLow1– Power Apps Plan 2, Power Apps per user plan
– Power Automate Plan 2, Power Automate per user, Power Automate per user with Attended RPA plans
– Dynamics 365 Team Member
MediumLow2– Dynamics 365 Enterprise plans, Dynamics 365 Professional plans
– Dynamics 365 non-licensed users, application users, users with special free licenses
Medium– All instant flows, such as flows with Button or Power Apps triggers, or child flows
High– Power Automate per flow plan
Power Automate performances profiles available.

If flow’s owner has multiple plans, the flow will be assigned to performance profile of the higher of the two plans.

Tip: you can see your current plan by pressing Ctrl+Alt+A in Power Automate maker portal and checking this value:

I hope it can be usefull for you! 🙂



Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents Licensing Guide


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